Restaurants in Morocco

Moroccan cuisine, renowned throughout the world, is varied and rich. So it makes sense that you can find a lot of good restaurants in the kingdom! Moreover, it often happens that some dishes or desserts adapt to the region from which they come. It would take pages and pages to talk about the typical dishes of the terroir and the famous addresses of Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, Rabat, Tangier, in order to distinguish Moorish cuisine, Berber cuisine and its tagines, but also Bedouin cuisine. You can’t find a better idea, when staying in the country, that to leave your hotel room, take your rental car keys, and drive toward one of these restaurants in Morocco… So, let’s therefore be aware of the different specificities and among the best establishments in Morocco, cities after cities, only for your delight !

Restaurant Casablanca

Casablanca, aka the white town, is famous for its seven-vegetable couscous, which is a true specialty of this metropolis. The pastilla with the seafood was also born in this marvellous city. The majority of the great restaurants Casablanca, such as the Atelier Oriental or Basmane are located in the districts of Gauthier, Racine, Bourgogne, and also on the Corniche. In addition, all types of cuisine and price ranges are represented in Morocco’s economic capital. The restaurants Casablanca propose also to recreate the buried world of the pieds-noirs (migrants from France), which is reflected in a delicious way in the food of the city, which mixes chicken with olives, red peppers with tuna and capers but also, for dessert, nougat with almonds and dates. Casablanca is also perfectly suited for business dinners, and addresses such as Bazaar (57 Hassan Souktani Avenue) or Cabestan Ocean View (90 Boulevard de la Corniche) are ideal for special occasions. Cooking meat with fruit is the basis of creations such as lamb with pears, lemon meat balls and quince chicken. Here too, we can recommend some places if you want to taste these delicious flavors: Umayya ( 94, boulevard de la Corniche, Lighthouse of El Hank), Le Paradis du Fruit (Anfaplace Shopping center), Le Petit Rocher (Bd de la Corniche), El Hank, the Firdaous (160, avenue des Forces Armées Royales) or the F. Kabbaj (30, rue des Arènes, Quartier Racine). North Africa is doing wonders when it comes to beetroot salad and carrot salad. Find these flavors also at the Ostréa (on the fishing port), which serves oysters, fishes, shellfish, (Villa Gapi - Boulevard Moulay Rachid), and Le Pilotis (Tahiti Beach Club - Boulevard de la Corniche), where you can taste the most famous local herbs: mint, which adapts to all kind of soups. Taste in a restaurant casablanca these delicious meals at La Taverne du Dauphin (115, Boulevard Houphouët Boigny), at the Bistrot Chic - 3 Golden Forks (8, rue Taha Houcine - Gauthier, at the Boudoir (6, rue Mer de Chine - Aïn Diab), Café Bianca (Boulevard de la Corniche - Ain Diab), La Brasserie (160, Avenue des Forces Armées Royales), Maison B (5 Adriatic Sea Street) or Rouget de L'Isle (16, Rouget of L'Isle street). Other pleasures await you, in Marrakech for example!

Restaurant Marrakesh

Travel in the ochre city with family and friends, or to work there, and enjoy Marrakesh restaurants that are worthy representatives of the imperial city, one of the peculiarities of which is the Berber-Moorish style with a Saharan touch. Taste the typical soups, the harira, the pastilla, the Tangia or the chicken with olives. Addresses such as A l'Orangerie (Rue Harroun Errachid), Assyl (Km 5, Route d'Amizmiz), Pool Lounge (Harroun Errachid Street), So lounge ( Harroun Errachid street), La Cour des Lions (Ibrahim El Mazini street), will give you the occasion to taste this true culinary art. The base of this local typical Marrakesh food consists of stewed meat and vegetables, and of course all this would be nothing without the various spices and aromas, which range from saffron to cinnamon, cumin, ginger, mint, coriander,among others. Enjoy these delicacies at Le Tobsil (22, derb Moulay Abdallah Ben Hessaien - Ksour), Azar (Corner Yugoslavia street - Boulevard Hassan II), Cafe Arabe (184 El Mouassine Street), Café Bousafsaf du jardin Majorelle (Yves saint laurent street), at Casa Lalla (Riad Zitoun Lakdime), at Mado, the Comptoir d'Arna Marrakech, Dar Chérifa, Dar Essalam, Dar Yacout, or Fouquet's Marrakech. Enjoy these dishes, thanks to the mechoui, tajine, and other delicious pleasures full of spices or sheep. All these dishes are also available in some other marrakesh restaurant in the city various addresses, such as Les Jardins de la Médina, Le Karmoussa, Riad Monceau, Kasbah Beldi, Lotus Club, La Maison Arabe and Makassar. Other establishments offer the best of the cuisine for this region, like the Palais Soleiman, the Stylia (34, Ksour street), or Villa des Orangers. Still not satisfied? Let's hit the road to Tangier, thanks to a rental car or another transport!

Restaurant Tangier

North of Morocco, the region of Tangier or Tetouan, is known for its Mediterranean dishes such as the pailla, but the Moorish influence is also felt with the tagine mezgeldi, the pastilla of Tetouan, and Many very refined pastries. You can also taste the Sfiria in tangier restaurants such as the El Morocco Club (Tabor Square, Kasbah), the Ocean (Sidi Kacem beach), or the Vasco (Malabata Road). Tangier restaurants offer a perfumed cuisine, and good fish soups, seafood dishes, grilled wolf, salads and herbs infusions. The international cuisine is also present in town, with the Dall'Italiano (42, residence Iris beach, Block A1). The Art Nouveau districts or the old town can be visited better with a belly full of good food, enjoy the relaxation and fresh air of the Atlantic Ocean like never before! That's not all, we invite you now to Rabat!

Restaurant Rabat

Rabat and Salé agglomeration offers also a typically Moorish cuisine, which comes from the ornacheros (Granada and Toledo’s Moors). You should also there taste good cakes made with almond pasta at the same time. Restaurants Rabat such as the Al Warda (Souissi district), the Golden Fish, in the same neighbourhood, Patio, So Good, offer to you the best of maritime cuisine. The famous couscous with seven vegetables is also to be tried if you are passing through town, as are couscous with caramelized raisins, almond eggs. Rabat restaurants such as the Dinarjat (6, Belgnaoui street), the Marco, the Villa Diyafa, the Ziryab (des consuls street, 10), will make you enjoy the best of Moroccan gastronomy. French cuisine is also well represented in the city, thanks to the Villa Mandarine (19, rue Ouled Bousbaa), the Brasserie, Chez Xavier (Mega Mall - Souissi shopping center). Spain cisine is not to be outdone, thanks to the Al Marsa (Marina), the Bodega Toro Loco (30, avenue Michlifen Agdal), Casa Juanito (Bis 17, Oqba Bnou Nafiaa avenue - Agadal). In the heart of the old town, or in a more modern district, you will find your happiness, according to your desires of the moment (business dinner or romantic dinner ...). What if we were moving further south, to Agadir?

Restaurant Agadir

What to eat in a restaurant Agadir and in the region of Souss? This part of Morocco is famous for its tagines and dishes with argan oil which give a special aroma to all dishes. Discover places such as the Palais du Jardin (Baie des palmiers), the Pool Lounge, or La Pergola. Agadir is a large fishing port, and sardines, mules, whiting, tuna, shrimp, lobster, can be found in no time on your plate! Do not miss Tajine Agadiri, made with almonds, cinnamon and mixed honey and sprinkled with Argan oil. World cuisine can be found in Agadir in restaurants such as So Good or Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay.

Let's not forget the typical cuisine of another famous city: Fez. The ancient capital of Morocco is equally prestigious, and mixes Atlas, Tafilalt and Andalusia tastes. The Blue House (2 Batha Square), the Amandier at the Palais Faraj (Palais Faraj Bab Ziat), or The Garden of Shéhérazade and Spa (Shéhérazade Palace), MB Fés (12, rue Ahmed Chaouki) are also to try if you’re curious. Taste the association between salty and sweet, vegetables, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, parsley, all used with inventiveness in a restaurant Fez. International cuisine is also represented in the city, thanks to La Terrasse or the Zen Garden.